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How to easily follow your followers?

I'm a high school Spanish teacher and use Duolingo to reinforce language learning outside the classroom. I offer extra credit to leaders in each class at the end of every week. The easiest way for me to track their progress is to have them follow me so I can in turn follow them, otherwise I would have to go and search for every one of them individually (some 90 students).

Here's where the problem arises:

There used to be a way I could click on my list of followers and simply scroll through and click a button to follow them. That button is no longer there anymore. Now I have to click on each user, which navigates me to their profile where I can then select to follow them. Then I have to navigate back in my browser, click on my followers list and then scroll to the next follower and repeat the process. Sounds simple, but is actually way more time consuming and annoying than the old method! Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Tyler Bevington

March 31, 2015



Have you not used the Duolingo for schools facility?

If you move this post to the Educators forum you will get more advice from other teachers.


Psionpete is right. The Troubleshooting forum is for technical glitches in the system. If you go to the discussion forum, on the right is a list of forums you are subscribed to. Edit that list and add the educator forum. Then, edit your post and select "Educator forum" from the drop down menu where you originally selected "Troubleshooting".

Good luck!

PS I will update the School's Feature userguide soon. If you find a faster way to follow people, please let me know. If I find it first, I'll put the instructions into the userguide.


Thanks, I'll post this to the Educator Forum as well. In the schools page, I went to the dashboard and see the option to invite more students. After typing in the name of the section, it tells me to share a link with my students but doesn't give me a link to copy and paste. Any tips on that?

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