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"I never understand what he wants."

Translation:Je ne comprends jamais ce qu'il veut.

3 years ago


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Je ne comprends jamais ce qu'il veut ??? why there is a 'ce'

3 years ago

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That's the "what" part. The complete indefinite relative pronoun is actually ce que (it would be ce dont if the preposition used with the verb was de).

More information here.

3 years ago


I tried to click here, but it didn't take it. Please explain about the "dont"part. Is that for "so" in English or "therefore "

3 weeks ago


Why don't we use "pas" here

4 weeks ago


Because in the context of this sentence we are saying "I never understand," rather than "I do not understand." The distinction requires substituting "jamais" for "pas." Jamais = never/not ever, while "pas" indicates direct negation of the conjugated verb.

Je ne sais jamais - I never know

Je ne sais pas - I do not know

2 days ago