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"Når jeg bliver stor, køber jeg et rumskib."

Translation:When I grow old, then I will buy a spaceship.

March 31, 2015



The owl translates bliver stor as "grow old." Does this mean when a child grows up or when an adult becomes elderly?


'blive stor' is a phrase you would use for when children grow up. 'When I grow up' would be a more precise translation. 'to become elderly' translates to 'blive gammel' or 'blive en ældre mand/kvinde' (more polite). 'Blive ældre' can also just mean to become older no matter the age


No need for that - just go to Christiania.


I and we SHALL is not accepted - grrr!


I'm just wondering..what does this have to do with religion?


Not much with religion, but the lesson's topic is "Spiritual", which also contains aliens (rumvæser), so there's the connection with the spaceship.


Elon Musk even have access to Duolingo these days...


I didn't bother to give it as my answer but the right phrase in English would be "when I grow up". I assume that it will be a long time before Duolingo grows up.

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