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"We eat in the restaurant that is in the center."

Translation:Ithimid sa bhialann atá sa lár.

March 31, 2015



Why is this "atá" instead of "go bhfuil" for "that is"?


For example, to say 'the cat that eats meat' you say "An cat a itheann feoil". If you said "An cat go n-itheann feoil" you'd actually be saying 'the cat that meat eats', which only makes sense in horror stories.


This one is a relatiave clause, instead of reported speech.


Had a doubt over 'that is' and checked the prompt. The prompt gave 'go bhfuil'. The answer gave 'atá'. I have thought about this and surmise that 'atá' is right because it is a relative clause. All the same, the prompt was confusing.

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