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  5. "Min son är ett år gammal."

"Min son är ett år gammal."

Translation:My son is one year old.

March 31, 2015



The pronounciation on this one feels really off. I think it should be emphasised on ''ett'', but it is emphasized on ''år''. Is this the way you would say it, or is this the voice machine's fault?


No, you're absolutely right. Emphasising ett isn't wrong per se, and does have its uses, but år would be way more common.


Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me? The first part seems to say you agree, the second part doesn't...


I'm agreeing with you: the ett should be emphasised. I was trying to say in my second part that in context, the TTS version could be correct as well. But without context, definitely emphasise the ett.


I've just typed "My son's one year old" and it didn't recognise the contraction as the correct answer. Could someone amend it, please? Thanks!


"My son is one year old" is not English.

It's either "My son is a one-year-old" or "My son is a year old".


Sure it's English, why on earth wouldn't it be? The phrase is in very active use.


To be fair, a lot of people like to say how many months old someone is in the first 2 years, but saying someone is one year old is definitely acceptable English.


why gammal and not gammalt?


People behave like en-words.

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