"En kvinna och en man"

Translation:A woman and a man

March 31, 2015

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Can someone please enlighten me as to why the word "och" has a hard "k" sound (similar to the English word "oak") when pronounced by itself, and a soft sound, like "oh", when in the complete sentence? I am referring to the Duolingo pronunciations, when the word is clicked individually as opposed to when it is heard in a sentence.

Is this how native speakers pronounce the word, both ways, or am I missing something? Thanks!


Swedes most commonly pronounce it as "O'" in casual speech.

Usually the only time it's pronounced "Ok" is when there's emphasis put on the word, or it's spoken slowly.


Thanks for the thorough response, Berniebud! Helps a lot :)

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    Thank you!


    How en kvinna is now a lady not a woman?


    The recommended (and best) translation of kvinna is woman, but lady is also an accepted translation that may get shown to you depending on what you input.


    What is the difference between ett and en?


    Why is it en kvinna as opposed to ett kvinna. Isn't ett a feminine article? I know they can be interchangeable but doesnt duolingo teach proper usage?


    Swedish has two genders, but they're not feminine and masculine, they are common gender (en words) and neuter (ett words). Most living things are en gender, though there are many exceptions.
    The articles are very rarely interchangeable, so it's always best to learn the gender along with every new word.


    Ett is neuter not feminine


    For some reason the naswers right but its telling me its wrong?

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