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My first progress quiz (where is it?...)

Hello everyone! I'm new to Duolingo and I have some basic questions... After I had enough lingots I purchased the Progress Quiz. After tried answering a couple of questions, though, I found out that it was still to difficult for me (I had thought the Progress Quiz would always relate to the things one had already learned.) The thing is: have I lost the possibility of redoing it?!... I can't seem to find it anywhere. Must I repurchase it or am I missing something pretty obvious?... Thank you in advance

March 31, 2015



They quiz you on the whole tree. That is why it is so hard. I always score very poorly. You just need to rebuy it. Sorry about that. I have semi given up on those.


I've never bought it, because it is a complete test. But from what I understand, you can do it how many ever times you want, you just have to buy it with lingots each time. Look in the lingot store, it should be there under the subtitle: 'Practice', the same place you bought it the first time. If it is not there, refresh the page. If it is still not there, report it.


The point of the test is to test your progress over time (and be able to compare how you did at different points), so you would expect to do poorly on when you first take it. And yes, you do have to buy it again in order to take it again. (I think the point of having to rebuy it is to make sure people can't take it too often and then get discouraged because they don't think they're making progress.)


Thank you all for your replies. That should be clear, then. The only thing it says is that it takes around 20 minutes and that it can't be interrupted — but it's not clear that you won't be able to restart it. I wouldn't have taken it. :-(

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