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Global map of Duolingo users

How global is the DL phenomenon?

September 5, 2013



My guess is duoLingo has all this info, as IP addresses are specific to each country. They could populate that map easily if they wanted to.


I hope the Owl creates a map for us, in the meantime, I put a pin in the map.


Just checked the map today and it seems that something is wrong. Every points that were in the USA are now in africa, every point that was in europe are now in China. It like if the wolrd map had moved and not the points. Do you see the same thing ? Strangly some points are at the right place

PS : I've tried to understand how i happened and it seems that after having selected every points yuo can move them. One must be dumb to do such thing... I repalaced every points ! Whoever it was, you know my feeling about you...


Added ;) Let's see what it looks like in one week ^^


What a brilliant idea. Once all the data has been collected we could make a nice info graphic to show language and user distribution.


Only if people put info in about their native and target languages, too! So far most of the points are just locations but have no information.


Great idea, ADDED :) One Mexican right here :D


just added :D The people who use Duolingo is incredible!!!

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