No sound.

May 12, 2012


i cant hear anything

Have also tried everything suggested. I have pretty awesome headset and it works with my computer but not w/ Duolingo.

Can't hear anything too :(

I am having the same issue. I've tried all the suggestions. Help

I am having the same problem.

I'm also having a real problem with this...

I can't hear anything either.. :-(

no sound! - There are many topics about 'no sound', where is the solution?

IF YOU ARE USING PC go to top where there is (duolingo,home,words,discussion,username,streak,lingot,notifications)MOUSE OVER YOUR USER NAME THEN YOU CAN SEE (profile settings help keyboard shortcuts log out ) then go to settings THEN TURN ON SPEAKER FROM OFF TO ON THEN CLICK SAVE CHANGES.

This solution worked for me. Thanks.

welcome,glad it worked for you

Same issue as of February 28th 2017 - the lesson starts well, but in he middle of the lesson the sound to "write what you hear" sections do not load - this is true for both the normal and the slow voices, and it makes it impossible for me to continue the lesson(s) as further lessons are locked until the actual one is solved! (Abstract Objects 1, stuck at lesson 7, but there were some errors in lessons 5 and 6 as well) _ NOT ACCEPTABLE!

I had this and it turned out to be a firewall blocking access to the sound files on Duolingo's site! Just one more thing to check: in your browser try to access (for example). If you cannot, that's why your sound isn't working.

I can see that page and hear the sound but still can't get sound on the daily exercises =/

I cannot hear it, what should I do then ?

You did the only valuable answer in this thread! :) I have this problem with Firefox and I suspect also just like you that it can be the firewall. I tried which has the same kind of audio file I think. I tried with Internet Explorer and it works so It might be also some Adblock thing. I will not remove Adblock as it is so useful.

no sound on my Air Book, any solution. Skype works, closed the browser,downloaded Duo lingo3 times

Had it several times. Happened in the middle of a lesson. I don't want to complain but it is pretty annoying.

Ran into this issue when upgrading to the latest Opera (Dev 25). Opera has never supported mp3 because of patent issues, they back the open source and patent free OGG format instead. However it's odd that it works fine with Opera 12.16. This suggests that Duolingo is treating the two versions of the browser differently in some way.

Dualingo that is sinister and EVIL. explicitly disabling sound when a anti tracking extension is installed and enabled. the sound downloads are not blocked just not being played. Now i definitely won't disable it or certainly pay anything.

Same here. I have already tried refreshing the page, and even closing and reopening the browser but still have no sound in this page. I have sound in other pages just fine, such as YouTube and the like. It's definitely a localized fault, not my computer.

what's the solution?

have you checked your setting where you can turn on the speaker, microphone and etc?

i tried all, it doesn't work, i am already registered in "livemocha" another language site, i have any problem there, can hear, record..ect

ok so i just made an account there, what's your username

I also can't hear a thing. I have checked my settings. Everything is fine, I can hear the sound from the music player and also from other pages in Chromium. Just this page fails to play the sound. By the way, I am usign Ubuntu 12.04 and Chromium as a browser.

No sound, I've tried everything. Please help.

I don't have any sound on this page either. I can hear fine on other sites and my microphone is working, I just can't hear any of the sound bites.

I'm having a weirder problem. I hear sound, but it's a faint crackling sound that lasts about the right amount of time, but it's completely unintelligible. I'd think this was a speakers issue, but the speakers work absolutely fine with other things.

it's hard for me to pass the exercises co'z i can't hear any sound from this site.. whats wrong can someone teach us the solution for this problem of our's... :(

Well, a temporary solution is to go into your account settings and change the speaker setting to "off". Then you won't get any listening exercises.

I had this problem with my headphones. I was having low volume only for the speech sound. All the other duolingo sounds were playing with the correct volume. I tried other browsers and restarting the computer. It did not work. Finally I tried to remove the audio jack and insert it again. For some reason that I cannot explain It worked.

Just started today. (04/09/13) I was using Opera browser on my laptop to save data as I only have a mobile dongle Internet connection. Had no sound. Switched to Internet Explorer and I got sound. Maybe it's a browser issue. Hope this helps someone.

I just found my solution!! I have a Z906 speaker system and if it's set to simulate 5.1, I hear NO sound whatsoever! If I set it to be directly how the sound channels intended, it works great!

the sound doesn't play... it starts pretty well, but in the middle of the lesson there is no sound... losing all my hearts at this point... :(

sometimes there is the voice but not the sound effects of right/wrong answer... very strange! --> please fix it!

hi, i had the same problem too. doulingo kept claiming that i should add to the adobe flashplayers' whitelist or reload the page or check the soundsettings. none of this worked, so i deleated flash player, made a laptop restart, and logged in into then i reinstalled the adobe flashplayer and now the sound is working. hope that this will help you guys too.

No sound - tried everything and nada!

Selcen hanım, spor konusunun 2.dersinde iki gündür sesli alıştırmaları yapmak imkansız.Çünkü hiç ses yok.Ayrıca rapor da ettim.İlerlemek mümkün olmuyor,lingotlarım gitti.Sorun bildirmek için burası uygun mu bilemiyorum.Son yorumlar 1-2 yıl önce yapılmış.Ayrıca bir şey daha sormak istiyorum, dün duolingo menüsü tümden ingilizce oldu.Seviye artışından mı değişti :)

i lose all my hearts on listening. i cannot hear anything. my sister is on the same computer and learn english, but she can listen all things!!! what should i do

Just started happen to me in the past week. One lesson will be fine and the next has no sound. Seems like the lessons alternate between playing the "dings" for successful answers and not playing the person talking and vice versa. Driving me nuts.

I cant hear anything either

iam having the same losing my heart at the listening section..i need help..

sounds like...(no pun intended) this has been a problem for some time now. Getting thrown back to the beginning because of this technical problem is extremely annoying and TIME CONSUMING. If the sound can't be fixed in the near future, perhaps a work around would be to make the skip button available without penalty when sound is a part of a test or exercise. Just a suggestion.

My son's French sound is not working on his app. Are are any easy fixes?

Okay, restart your browser and start a lesson. If this persists, a windows within dueling will popup claiming that it can’t play sounds. It says Flash may have crashed and it said the reload the page. When I did, it started working again. Also, you may want to look in the “Troubleshoot” area of Discussion for help.

My sound is not working well either now. The pings for answering right or wrong are not working and more problematic, the "Type what your hear" is not audible. Cannot finish the lessons if it gets hung up on the typing. All other sounds are working fine. Frustrating.

There seems to be a similar problem with sound for everyone who uses Windows 10, yet dolingo do not seem to have sorted the problem. I have the same problem with no sound using windows 10, but works fine with android!

Come on Dulingo (microsoft) sort it!

I use Opera in windows 10, No sound! I switched to windows Edge and the sound works. So the problem is down to the browser.

Me too, but solved it by switching to Chrome browser from IE> Works great now.

No sound on the app for my iPhone. Everything else works and I have sound on all my other apps. Please fix this! I'm not passing because I can't hear the listening exercises!

I can hear some sounds correct or wrong but no voice. This only happens on my computer.

The app has sound but the website doesn't :( pls fix this Duolingo!

still happening!!!

already tried what aathmajram suggested no avail

Still not working in Chrome or Edge, some work some don't.

I had only sound effects, but no voice on chrome. I listen on 2.0 stereo speakers, while I had 5.1 selected in my sound card settings. Switching it to 2.0/2.1 solved it for me.

go on to your settings, turn off microphone, speaker, auto voice, and sound effects. Refresh the page. Turn all of the settings back on, try an exercise. I'm don't know if this will work but it did for me so give it a try

i can hear everything7e47"U*bhZY&g6tVgt6v5

Help can’t progress no sound

Help can’t hear anything

Hi, I had this problem, it is caused by the browser that you use. Try Chrome.

I have sound on my iPhone but not on my new iPad Pro. I tried all recommendations,nothing helped.

I figured it out on mine- I use an auto-play disabler (to keep video and such from auto-playing on my PC) and apparently it's also disabling the sound in duolingo. I disabled it for this website, and voila! Sound!


I started to have the same problem. Couldn't do the exercises that required sound. I was using Chrome. I switched to Internet Explorer and the sound works. SO SWITCH BROWSERS ;)

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