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"Why is the sand for the garden still in the car?"

Translation:Hvorfor er sandet til haven stadig i bilen?

March 31, 2015



This sequence is reversed here because it's a question. The verb has been moved up in front of the subject, and the adverb can't bother to come along. It works just the same way in English.


How it is en English doesn't really explain how it should be Danish. The the adverb can't bother to come along is confusing. Is it a general rule (adverbs in questions don't follow the verb but stay where the verb would be in a normal sentence unless X, Y or Z)?


Think of it as the adverb comes after both the subject at the main verb, rather than just the verb alone. Here the subject is "sandet til haven" and the verb is "er" so whichever order they are in (either "Sandet til haven er..." or "Er sandet til haven...") the adverb always comes afterwards


Thank you for the explanation. It sounds like it might help me. Is there some resource about Danish word order in general? There sentences sprinkled through the tree which trip me up every time because more atomic rules come together and I have no idea how to combine them (question and adverb, question and negation, more clauses etc.).


This is one I found particularly helpful. Any other resources I have are in text books which I may copy out of for some more general help posts in the near future


Thank you so much! I'll have a look at it later. I have a text book but it's more in the style "hey, here are some sentences, you figure it out, Danish is easy, you don't need any clear explanation".


Why can stadig be between haven and i bilen. I thought adverbs are always after the verb or at the end of the clause.

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