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  5. "Horses are vegetarians."

"Horses are vegetarians."

Translation:Heste er vegetarer.

March 31, 2015



So "vegetar" also means "herbivore"? (Maybe it also works like this in English, my native language is Spanish and both words are clearly different: either you eat vegetables because your species has been biologically designed for that or you eat them because you have decided it.)


I agree that vegetarians is a term you would normally only use for humans. Herbivore translates to 'planteæder' in Danish or simply 'herbivor'. You could also say 'drøvtygger' when you are talking about horses (ruminant)


No, 'herbivore' is 'planteæder', literally "plant-eater". The difference that you mention also applies in Danish. The sentence is just random and meant to teach the word "vegetar" and its plural form :)


Don't worry about the semantics, it's just to teach you grammar. Many things they say are complete nonsense


Well now, technically, herbivores not only have to eat plants to survive, but also choose to eat plants; so, they are vegetarians as well as being herbivores, but humans are not herbivores, even if they are vegetarians. Humans are still omnivores, even if they choose not to eat meat.


Animals (and subsequently herbivores) are incapable of making choices, so no. Incorrect.

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