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  5. "No tenemos las cifras."

"No tenemos las cifras."

Translation:We do not have the numbers.

December 18, 2012



Hoorah! You've fixed it so when I accidentally write the English translation, I get the chance to do it again in Spanish! Thank you!


what's the difference between cifras and numeros?


From my understanding, a "cipher" is a number subject to or produced by a mathematical operation (such as multiplication or subtraction), while a "number" is just a stand-alone abstract thing.

cifra is thus the natural word to use in a business context, as the cifras ("figures") on a business report are the factors or results of computation of some sort.


Numero is number in general, any number. And cifra is digito.


sorry, not getting your answer, what is digito? This section equates cifra with number. So what is the difference between número, y cifra?


*Mainly the difference between a symbol and what it represents and everyday languages which neglect this difference.

A. Número - es el concepto matemático, un cantidad ...

  • Number - a mathematical concept, a quantity

B. Dígito en el sistema decimal- los números: cero, uno, dos, ..., nueve

  • Has no counterpart in English

C. Numeral o guarismo – símbolo que representa un número.

  • Numeral a symbol that represents a number

D. Cifra 1) símbolo de dígito/ the symbol of a "dígito" that is one of the symbols: 0,1,2, ..., 9


  • Digit a numeral with only one symbol that is the same as "cifra" above


D. Cifra 2) número/ denotes unfortunately also a number, see English Translation of “cifra” | Collins Spanish English Dictionary http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/spanish-english/cifra

*18 Aug correction of point D and B -> cifra =digit


OBS! Point D in my answer above is now corrected.:

  • Spanish cifra = English digit
  • Spanish dígito has no counterpart in English This means that
  • no tenemos las cifras = we do not have the digits

They apparently have a keyboard without the numerical symbols: 0, 1, ... 9.


So would cifra correspond to "figure"? As in, we do not have the figures?


We have ten"digits". 1,2,3,4, ---9, 0

We use digits to form numbers. Examples of numbers are: 10,099; 2315; 2018.



When I hovered over "cifras" to learn the new word, neither numbers nor figures was offered as a possible translation... how, therefore, was I supposed to come up with the correct answer? urgh.


PatriciaJH, and others. I find www.spanishdict.com/ to be excellent.
(I don't use it to translate.)

I also rely on the RAE dictionary.


Are there situations where 'cifra' would be more appropriate to use than 'numero' or 'codigo'?


Could I put in figures? I didn't dare!


'We do not have the figures' worked for me.


Ya, I think figures works well for business. For example. Do you have the jobs report figures. Also: Do you have the jobs report numbers? Do you have the jobs report data. But for mathematics, maybe it would be best to take a math class in español, because you've got integers, real numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, imaginary numbers, fractions, natural numbers. What are they called in español?


What's wrong with "We do not have the digits."?


"Digits" are the numbers 0 to 9, corresponding to our 10 fingers - our 10 "digits". The single number 10 has 2 digits.


"we haven't the numbers" not accepted?


No idea. We haven't the numbers is correct. Report it. I did


I cannot see why it is wrong to say: We have no numbers.


PaulBigfoot! that they do not have THE numbers means that they are without some specific numbers but not necessarily completely without numbers


how funny, in Hebrew "ספרה" (sifra) means number as well, i always see small similarities in Spanish and Hebrew word but its the first time i see a word that is pronounced the same


Wouldn't "We don't have the codes." be correct?


Ior10! no cifra is not code. However cifrar, the verb, is to code and en cifra is coded


closely related to ciphers...


Another question in this section was to translate la cifra, and the answer was "the code". Reason I missed this one.


I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that this would not be the way you would say "We do not have the numbers" (for the invasion we wish to launch). Out of curiosity, how would you say that?


Isn't this a direct translation of digits ?


I also understood cifras to mean code. When I studied Spanish, more than ten years ago, passwords were not as ubiquitous as they are now. I assumed this to mean "we don't have the codes" (or passwords)n According to my wrong answer, this must not be the case. So, how does one say "we do not have the password" in Spanish?


I use el codigo for code/password


I am now living Xalapa in Mexico and. rightly or wrongly" they use "contraseña" for password.


Reverso.net translates that as "password/passcode", so you'r right.


In Dutch it could mean: We do not have the financial results


Are there any fluent Spanish speakers who can shed light on how this is used? This section is business, so how is it to be applied in business?


Ok what the hell why is it now cifras and not numeros


The answer is above.


In an earlier question cifra was a code. In this question it is a number. Credit should be given to both unless you are using cifra for a code only which could be comprised of numbers


I have never heard anyone use the word "cifras". When and where does this word get used?


"We do not have the figures" -- accepted,


I wrote "We don't have the numbers" and DL marked it wrong???????


so cifra means code OR number, yes?


Is this like... we do not have the numbers as in we don't have enough people?

Or we don't have the figures/digits, like, we don't have the digits to input into the chart.


I thought cifra was also code. As in I forgot my PIN.


I wrote, "we don't have the numbers." Duo didn't accept it AND there's no way to report it since this one was missing that option to report.


We do not have the numbers to hack the vault and rob the bank


Is this closer to? we don't have the figures.


Why isn't it accepting 'codes', nor 'digits' as translations? Is anyone going to use a word other than 'numero' to say 'number'?

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