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  5. "Eles decidem."

"Eles decidem."

Translation:They decide.

September 5, 2013



Is the pronunciation in the normal-speed version incorrect? She pronounces it "je-see-dem" the first time, but slowed down it's "de-see-dem".


The second option (de-see-dem). DE souns like "gee" just at the end of the word or when it works as a preposition (of)


Seems like maybe it matters what part of Brazil? The brazilians I know (from south Brazil) often pronounce "de" at the beggining of words as "gee."


Yes, it's an accent thing. It's weird, but some parts of Brazil pronouce like the first one (je) istead of the second one (de). Yet the standard one (as a spanish teacher once told me, standard is the one that news anchor speak :P ) is the (de) one.


I thought so! :) thanks for confirming!


exacly . yes but it matters where and how you use it bbecause im a Brazilian so I have heard many diff ways


What about the ending "-dem" as in "decidem / entendem"? Is the d pronounced as "dj" or as normal "d"? I think the same is true for "-tem" as in "partem" with pronunciation "tch".


They are "normal" D and T =) since the letter "e" is followed by the letter "m".


I put my answer as...Elas decidem and it was incorrect. What is the difference between Eles decidem and Elas decidem. Surely both mean 'they decide' ??


Yes, both versions should be accepted.

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