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  5. "Vocês são doutores."

"Vocês são doutores."

Translation:You are doctors.

September 5, 2013



Is médico also correct for 'doctor'? Are there different contexts, or are médico and doutor interchangeable?


Médico and Doutor are used the same way related to the Healthy System. But if a person gets his Master degree /PhD in some area, he is also a Doutor, but not médico. Doutor has a wider usage, for anybody who is specialized in something, as a lawyer, biologist, etc. So, a médico is also a doutor, but a doutor isn't necessarily a médico.


In my language, we also have a word for "doctor" and a word for "physician," but in quotidian language, we almost always say "doctor" and not "physician." Is médico more formal in Brazilian Portuguese as well?


I'd say "doutor" is more formal in Portuguese... =)


You all are doctors should be accepted too. Yes, saying, "You are doctors." does imply the plural you, but I like to translate the plural you as you all to commit it to memory, as well as it being commonly heard, just like you guys/y'all.


voces = you all, therefore you all are doctors should be accepted.


I agree that it should be accepted, but it is also 'vocês' if you are just addressing two people, and to me 'you all' would sound a little excessive if you are only addressing two people. (I'm not a native English speaker though.)


I get really fed up with saying it perfectly OK, but the speech recognition taking so long that it decides I had it wrong - and there is no button to say 'let me say it again until the computer/tablet/phone picks it up'. No way of reporting this fault either. On my ipad it does give me time to do it again if only part of the sentence registers.


In English this is really "You all are doctors" without the word all then it is singular. In English like all all the other languages I know there is a singular and a plural form for the second person.


As long as it says "are" and not "are a" is not explicit but still plural. You are doctors sounds like a plural to me .. "you are a doctor" doesn't. "you are all doctors" is just adding a word that makes it explocitly a plural.

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