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Duolingo Gear is open again.

A few days ago, some of you may have noticed that Duolingo Gear was just a blank space. It's back again, with nothing new....i think.. Hopefully they would add the Duolingo plush because A LOT of people really like it.

April 1, 2015



I found an image of what looks like an upcoming item:

“It’s Duo! Ever wondered what it would be like to have Duo cheering you on in real life? You can now get your own cuddly owl to practice your languages!

Besides being soft and cute, Duo comes with a variety of build-in features. Whether you are at home or on the go, you can always connect Duo to your Duolingo App to download information from your profile.

While doing lessons, Duo will cheer or cry depending on your performance. If you are tired of typing, you can chat with Duo in the language you are learning or practice your pronunciation with Duo's record feature. You can even put multiple Duos together and have them chat!”


I swear this better not be an April Fools' joke, Lenkvist. :P If not, thanks for the info. If so, no thank you and I knew it. :P


Guess what, a different company built Duo's cousin, Mono:


That's... terrifying. LOL. Furbylingo.


That kind of scared me out a bit, but I would actually buy that if it was real, and if only i had money. XD. Here have 10 lingots for that


That looks like a uh... what's it called.... a... furby!


This is for real? I remember in one of the "meet a course contributor"posts, one of the contributors held a cute Duo plush. I hope they have that again. That one is way cuter than this Duo, which looks likes a furby plush animal.


This thing would be SOOOO awesome!!! I'd definitely get myself one!


@lenkvist: I want this! lol


It would be lovely to have a pluche Duolingo owl!

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