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  5. "Hvem ellers er der?"

"Hvem ellers er der?"

Translation:Who else is there?

April 1, 2015



does this mean "who else is in that location?" or "who else exists?" (the second merely being the inversion of the "There are 4 people" statement


It means the first thing and not the second. It's a really weird sentence though. "Hvem er der ellers?" sounds much more normal.


Jacob, i believe it is translated "mot a mot" - word by word Who else is there? Hvem ellers er der? But Suzanna is right! It refers that there already is someone over there. Hope it makes sense.


The English sentence is perfectly good. All I'm saying is the Danish one is clumsy. It should be "Hvem er der ellers?"


or it could be someone coming to a part and asking, who else is there? from my danish courses since its a adverbial sentence and question its inverted.

Hvem ellers er der A V S


ellers indicere at der er nogen i forvejen derfor har jeg brugt are og ikke is


"who else are there" doesn't sound right to me. The only way I can see it working is when the sentence structure is different eg who else are you interviewing with (are agrees with/linked to you).

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