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"Hi Duo. Nice to meet you."

Translation:Selam Duo. Memnun oldum.

3 years ago



What is the difference between "Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum" and "memnun oldum"?

4 months ago


Memnun oldum(Nice to meet you) but why it said there I have a typo.But my answer is correct.Please help me fixing this.

3 years ago


Please use the 'report a problem' button and report the issue. 'Memnun oldum.' is correct and it does not seem to have a typo. Maybe you had a typo in writing 'selam' or 'merhaba'?

3 years ago


Actual translation is "Tanıştığıma memnun oldum" Duolingo also should except this. But prefers shortened way

3 months ago


This was a multiple choice question for me, but "Selam Duo. Ben memnun oldum" did not work and I am confused as to why

3 years ago


Memnun oldum is incorrect. You are saying you had pleasure but for what? Tanıştığıma (which means to meet) should be added at the beginning of the sentence.

1 week ago