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Lesson practice repeats only first lessons - why?

I just started to learn Spanish and I have a couple of lessons finished. But when I want to practice my learned words, I get only words from lessons Basics 1 and 2. Can I practice all my knowledge in one mode?

Btw, Duolingo is so great. I didn't know you can get addicted to learning languages :o

September 5, 2013



Just do some more. All the words and patterns from later lessons will appear eventually.


It also seems to revert to prior lessons to give you a break if it senses that you're struggling with what you just learned (though that may just be my impression). Each module has its own practice mode. If you're using the 'practice button next to the skill tree on the main page, it gives you a random sampling of everything you've learned so far. Try going into the specific module you want to practice and using the practice button inside it. It'll narrow things down a bit. You can also practice specific words by clicking the link to the word in your vocabulary list.

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