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Way ahead of high school

I am just finishing my first term of high school, but at the start of the year, I chose to learn French. Mainly because I was liked it, mainly because I was already learning it, mainly because of Duolingo.

The first day I had my French class, I had been on Duolingo for about 2 years, sticking with French all the way through. I entered the class, with no one I knew, apart from some distant acquaintances from my primary school. We did know one another, so I sat down next to them.

Half way through, I lost count for how many times I correctly corrected the teacher on her French. I kept on coming up with different words, and blew her away. 5 weeks later, she knew about Duolingo, and how I know a lot of words. So she introduced the ENTIRE CLASS!

When she first did this, I squealed with excitement, as the other people who I introduced hardly went on this. Now, I actually have competition! It has been hard as I can't keep my day streak up, due to violin, and other after school stuff. This just goes to show that Duolingo is really helpful, and fun.

More than once, people have said I know more French than the teacher. Half the class thinks I'm French. I'm really from New Zealand. They forget about Google Translate and go see me for translating to French.

Thank you Duolingo for teaching me all I know about French. My teacher said I had taught myself more than she was going to teach that class the entire year! Thank you so much, I have learnt tons of words, and can impress my friends. I can have good conversations (even though I am embarrassed about speaking in french as I fear I might get something wrong and THEY'LL SPOT IT.....). Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much Duolingo!

Also, just wondering, did anything like this happen to anyone else?

April 1, 2015



Well done Tristan. It is always nice to hear good stories like this. But I wonder if the Troubleshooting forum is the right place for it.


Eek!Sorry, I didn't see where I posted it, I was in a rush. Sorry!


Ha ha, it did! I've done French on and off for about a year (and just finished it last week). I took a French class for fun (finishing it shortly) and an extra credit, and I was/am blowing my teacher away, ha ha. It's always fun to be ahead of the pack with these things. It comes so easy, the school seems like child's play. ;)


Yeah, thanks! It is always fun to see your teacher's reaction :)


One of the best compliments I ever got was from a teacher in an adult-education French conversation class who asked me if I had grown up in a bilingual home. Nope!


Wow, that's big! Nice one! :)


You corrected your teacher on French?? How did she become a French teacher then? Anyways, nice job!


It's possible. The adult-ed French conversation class I was in included an elementary school teacher in her 60's who had grown up in France and wanted to recover her lost French language skills so she could add French to the subjects she was qualified to teach. She kept mixing up "cheveux" and "chevaux" when speaking, and I remember thinking to myself "oh, those poor kids". I have no idea if she ever actually taught French, but that was her plan and she was not adept enough to teach.


Yeah, sometimes she asks me to double check something of hers of her own accord!


I take German in high school. Yes, take. And I also learned French here. One day, we were watching a show in German. Then, the characters had to go to Belgium. There was a part in French, and I managed to translate the entire conversation between a storekeeper and a woman.

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