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  5. "You are very beautiful, too."

"You are very beautiful, too."

Translation:Sen de çok güzelsin.

April 1, 2015



Why da cok and not cok da, or how can i predict that? :)


Not exactly sure what you mean but "çok da" would be "very too" which doesn't make sense in either language. This sentence is about "you, too", that is, "you, too, are very beautiful", which closely resembles "sen de çok güzelsin" in its structure.

I wonder how we could express this: you are very beautiful and very smart, too. In other words, you are not only very beautiful but also very smart. Maybe this is where "hem de" comes in? Sen hem çok güzel hem de çok akıllısın?


You can decide depending on the first vowel that comes before the constant letter in the word preceding the word "DI"


What is the formula of make present sentence. ..plz tel me in turkish language.


Why sen DE and not sen DA?

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