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How about giving us the answer if we run out of time in practice mode...

Spent too much time thinking of the answer only for the practice to end and then not give me the answer. Quite unhelpful.

September 5, 2013



I would like a review page that shows all questions and the correct answers ;)


Yeah, like at the end, when the list of words practiced appears, there should also be a list where it shows you your answers and the correct one, so we can autoevaluate ourselfs and see where our leaks are.


There is "show my answer" link in the upper right corner that you can click on to see the correct answer when you run out of hearts.

edit: this link only shows when you practice without a timer.


The timer is a pain. Get one wrong to start and it becomes a typing race.

I would prefer to have the option for the practice run until you get 10 correct, for example.


This has helped my typing speed improve gratly XD


As auturoperezm points out, the speed trial is a spelling practice that rewards you for accuracy. This is really good for ingraining spelling, word order, and conjugations I feel.

The function you ask for is already there. If you want an untimed session of the material, try the button to the left that allows you to move through a review lesson without a timer.

Or do you mean staying in a practice until you have ten correct answers? It isn't a bad idea, but since you can already do untimed practice I don't see that it adds much.


I am not sure why there is resistance to have a summary page showing all questions I missed with correct answers - after the time runs out ... leave everything the same and the new feature can be optional so the purist can just skip it ... however I would like to see what I missed and learn from it


I agree with this. Time runs out and it doesn't give you the answer.

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