"I take."


April 1, 2015



Glac can also mean to take for example ' glac an cóta seo uaim' = Take this coat from me. Although I accept that 'tógaim' can be translated as to take I would say that most Irish speakers would use tóg as a translation of 'lift' as in ' teach a thógáil' to build a house etc. I think that in this case both translations should be accepted. i.e. I lift and I take


Why did appear here other translation of the word take? The verb bain means what it means (http://www.teanglann.ie/en/fgb/bain), there's no take in translation, only in some phrases of take off and take out kind.


tóg can mean take in certain contexts, if that's what you're asking. So can bain.


I'm trying to map words from french, which word tóg, bain, or glac is closest to Prendre


What would be the analytic form? I was brought up having Ulster Irish using analytic forms, but I’ve lived in the US for quite some time now. Somehow, I remembered tógann mé, but that wasn’t accepted! What am I missing? GRMMA!


Even Ulster Irish doesn't use the analytic form for 1st person singular, present tense, except for .

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