"Elle ne veut plus la quitter."

Translation:She does not want to quit it anymore.

December 18, 2012

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"She does no longer want to leave it." - what the hell is this for a sentence in English?


I guess, you could say - "is penny still going to quit her job?" and then respond - "no, she doesn't want to leave it any more" ou - "she no longer wants to leave it"


"She no longer wants to leave her." Why doesn't this work?


She no longer wants to leave her is now accepted, but she does not want to leave her is incorrect. Ne with plus means no longer.


I wrote "she does not want to quit anymore" without (quit) "it". This sounds perfectly fine to me, am I missing something?


You're missing out the "la"


So that leaves me with a few questions...

When you use "la/le" for the article, before the verb, it's almost always because the object has been previously discussed in context, correct?

I'm native a native American English speaker, and adding the "it" to the phrase seems a little bit odd. I'd say he/she "wants (or does not want) to quit...." would be more commonly said, unless you add the "it" to clarify any confusion, because the previous context might not be perfectly clear.


Quitter can be translated as "to leave", so you I translated it as "she no longer wants to leave her" and it was accepted with "she no longer want to leave it" provided as an alternative answer.

My point being, since some words may sound better and still convey the same meaning of the sentence given, using a synonym may work if you find the first word that comes to mind sounds odd unless you omit some important parts of the given sentence.


I tried she no longer wants to leave her. Just another glitch in the programming.


Report it, then. Complaining here might work, but reporting an error will more likely have it be fixed.


She does not want to leave it anymore


In my opinion "She does not want to leave her" should be accepted.
and DL solution "She does not want to quit it anymore" is not 100% correct.


I feel like they are using "quitter" in the Brokeback Mountain sense: "I don't know how to quit you!"

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