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Please help to translate a poem to Irish

Hi duolingo habitants,

We got a gift to make to one of our top managers and his department team. This gift will be a poem in two languages: in Irish because he's Irish and in English because all other guys.

Would you please help to translate it to Irish and make it in rhyme? Will be much appreciated.

Here is a draft in English, depends on the Irish part I will rhyme it down as well.

You’ve been with us from the beginning

You’ve brought with you Mario and Gerd

Karin, Tatiana as well

Then Rani and Thomas

And of course Andy and Mark

Rasgaira means smile and race

We had to do a lot to prepare a GP

We did work hard and did not sleep at night

Being attentive to detail

And keep saying Check Check Check

But then we got that prize for the best

And got Russia's first in the history race

Now we smile

Smile and race

Spasibo Richard

Richard Go Bragh

This is it a bit rough version right now. But as I said it all depends on the sense it will be in Irish version.

Hope you'll like the idea to make your own contribution.



April 1, 2015

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My rough attempt: Bhí tú linn ón dtús, Thug tú Mario agus Gerd leatsa, Karin agus Tatiana chomh maith, Ansin Rani agus Thomas, Is Aindriú agus Marcus, dar ndóigh.

Mangaire is cine é Rasgaire, Bhí go mór le réiteach don dochtúir Sár-obair gan stop san oíche, Cruinneas chun a bheith cinnte.

Ach, bhí an bua linn, Stair na Rúise faoin ár gcumas, Anois, bímis ag gáire, Mangaire is cine.

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