"Mahalle nerede?"

Translation:Where is the neighborhood?

April 1, 2015

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Is nerde possible? (Maybe in slang?) I have seen it several times, but maybe with a different meaning.


most people say it that way, but it is the wrong spelling


That makes no sense. Where is a coffee shop in the neighbourhood? Since I might not know its location... But the neighbourhood itself (whatever it might consist of) I can’t miss since it’s all around me.


It makes sense if you're talking about a neighborhood, but aren't in it. "Where is the neighborhood?" would be a little odd to ask, but it's common (at least, in my region of the US) to ask things like, "where is your neighborhood?" or "where is the neighborhood you're talking about?" This sentence is simpler than those, and it feels a little unnatural without its context, but it's not nonsense. (I felt like it was okay as a learning exercise.)


Just think of it as DMX asking where da hood at.


Like "Mahalle", urdu word is "Muhala" it has the same meaning "surroundings of where you live".


It comes from Arabic محلة, like the Turkish mahalle.


Neighbourhood is American english. In England we might say locality /locally/ around here.


What are you on!? The fact that neighbourhood is the British English spelling (the American spelling being neighborhood) tells you that it is indeed a word used in England. And I don't know what you mean about locality being pronounced locally. They're two different words, and don't mean the same thing as neighbourhood or mahalle in Turkish, unless this is some strange Lancashire usage.


We know of the word 'neighbourhood' but don't use it half as much as in American English. The fact still remains that the sentence seems to have been badly translated into English.


In persian we use 'mahalle' too !


"Neighbourhood?" - English spelling please not American.

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