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  5. "I eat lunch."

"I eat lunch."

Translation:Jag äter lunch.

April 1, 2015



Wow, this actually makes sense :)


I agree. Some stuff is crazy.


I'm from the UK and wondered if someone could clarify the difference between middag and lunch? Here lunch would only mean the meal in the middle of the day. Middag sounds as though it would also mean that but it's saying it can be translated as dinner but not as lunch. Here, depending where in the country you're from, dinner could mean either the midday meal or the evening meal but slightly weighted towards it being more "proper" for it to mean the evening meal so now I'm second guessing myself!


middag used to be eaten during midday, as the name implies. It was the most important meal of the day back then, but as times changed, the most important meal of the day was moved further and further down the afternoon. Eventually, it turned into dinner instead - yet the name remained.

It makes absolutely zero sense without context, though. :)


What is the pronunciation of "Jag"?


how do you really pronouce lunch in svenska?


It sounds like "loo-nch"


my friend told me that in some part of Sweden middag is used for lunch, this should be accepted.


I actually use it that way myself and I disagree that it should be accepted. It's very rare and non-standard, and accepting it would definitely teach learners the wrong idea.


I understood it. I was asked to put an accent over a letter which I don't have on my keyboard.

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