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  5. Ton pantalon est bon?


Ton pantalon est bon?

Je veux dire que "Ton pantalon est bon", mais il a tort. Je dois dire que "Ton pantalon est joli" ou "Ton pantalon est bien". Pourquoi? Why can't I use "bon" here?

September 5, 2013



Qui est il ? Qui a tort ? (Who's wrong?)

What was the english sentence?

NB : you should have post it in the discussion page about french. Here it will be quickly lost in the enormous number of posts... When you create a new discussion, there is a drop-down menu on the top, change from the default value "Duolingo" (which corresponds to this general discussion page) for the specific one. But you can change it now, it's not too late : edit your original post then select the french forum.

And if you refer to a specific sentence from Duolingo, it would be even better to write your question in the specific page of the sentence through the "Discuss sentence" button.


Voila, Je l'ai. merci beaucoup. I never pay attention to the button there. And let's get back to my question. The English sentence is "Your pants are nice". I translated it into "Ton pantalon est bon". But it says I'm wrong. The correct sentence should be "Ton pantalon est joli / bien". I don't understand.


Voila, Je l'ai., you want to say I get it? If so -> j'ai compris.

For your question, this link helps http://french.about.com/library/weekly/aa122200.htm?


yes, you are right, I want to say I got it. - J'ai compris! I checked the link that it only says the Bon and Bien, one is adjective and the other adverb. But in this sentence, I wonder why I cannot use bon to replace bien or joli to express the pants are nice. Bon and bien all means nice, right ? here, the pants are nice, nice is an adjective, I think. How's your opinion?


No, it's say that they both can be adjectives or adverbs. And it gives a link with examples.

when speaking about someone, bon means who have kindness. when speaking about food, it's good (taste) but an object can't be bon, it only can be joli (nice/pretty) or bien (good shape or useful etc..)


J‘ai compris. merci! bonne nuit

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