Twice my daily streaks have been removed and I have been 'started over.' When I write Duolingo I receive no response. I am recovering from foot surgery with lots of in-bed time. I have made my goal everyday - even the morning of surgery so it's very frustrating to have the streak arbitrarily removed. HELP!

April 1, 2015


actually I did buy one but didn't need it because I didn't miss. I have never missed, which is part of the frustration. Other frustration is that I have yet to get anything other than an automated someone-will-be-with-you-shortly response. Oh well!

Did you have a streak freeze enabled?

I don't know what that is. Should it be enabled to prevent Duolingo from dropping my streak

You buy it from the store for 10 lingots I believe. It only works once after which you have to buy another one but it can save a long streak from a glitch or more likely from misunderstanding how streaks work.

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