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  5. "Hvorfor laves det nu?"

"Hvorfor laves det nu?"

Translation:Why is it fixed now?

April 1, 2015



So is it fair to say that 'at lave' is one of those words whose meaning shifts in the passive? (I suppose it depends on context.)


Actually the translation is wrong. It should be "Why is it being fixed now?" or "Why is it being made now?". And it would still be a weird thing to say (the normal thing being "hvorfor bliver det lavet nu?"). The sentence holds no clue as to the more specific meaning of "lave". It could mean "fix", but who knows? "Lave" does not change its meaning in the passive any more than the average word does.


Why is it being done now , kan også bruges


I don't think "done" is quite accurate here, although it would possibly work in some contexts. It would be more appropriate as a translation of "gøre". Fundamentally, "do" = "gøre" and "make" = "lave".


Det er det, jeg skrev, men blev ikke accepteret.


Another strange sentence to these Nebraska ears.

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