"Efter trettio minuter"

Translation:After thirty minutes

April 1, 2015

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My grammarbook says I can use /tretti(o)/, without /o/, although I haven't tried.


Stick to trettio with the O. To use it without the O looks very dialectal in text. Even colloquial writing will use the O.


where I lived (fairly far north) we didn't pronounce the "o" but always wrote it


do you guys say halvtimme for "half hour"?


The new voice doesn't pronounce the O in trettio. Is this a mistake?


No, "trettio" is most commonly pronounced as "tretti", unless you need to be very clear.


On most of the speaking questions with numbers in them, the system is recognizing every word I say except for the number words. In this example, it failed to recognize that I said "trettio" pronounced either way ('trettio' and 'tretti'), and this has happened on almost every question of this type that's had a number in it.

It has always accepted the whole answer, since the rest of the words functioned properly, but I am uncertain why this part is failing to work and I'm not sure how to report it. Anyone else having that experience?


So, in conversation, is it more common to pronounce the word "trettio" without the "o" sound at the end? That's how I've been pronouncing it for years. Oops! Have I been pronouncing it wrong, then? Also, if you are counting, such as trettio, trettio en, trettio tva, trettio tre, osv. ........ is the "o" sound at the end pronounced or not prounounced? Again, I've always kept the "o" sound silent ... so in speaking or counting, for example I've always said "tretti ett, tretti tva, tretti tre .... Have I been saying those words incorrectly?


Yes. But it is not wrong to pronounce the o and no-one will probably not think twice of it if you do. No, I would say it's even more common to drop the o when it's not at the end.

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