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  5. "Hvem er de onde?"

"Hvem er de onde?"

Translation:Who are the evil ones?

April 1, 2015



So just to clarify - onde can be the adjective "evil" alone, and can also be the phrase "evil ones." Is this common with adjectives? Can we do this with triste, for example?


Yes. Instead of the redundant word "ones", we just skip the noun. "De onde" is the subject of this sentence. The plural noun is implicit and unspecified. You can do this with any adjective. Normally there'd be a context and you'd be referring to those in the specific context who hold the character trait signified by the adjective.


it's possible in English too: "if the good do not do their part, the evil will triumph"

also see: the rich, the poor, the great, the elderly, the young, the homeless


Yes. This will also work in Spanish and French, which I see you're studying, in case it helps.


Læs Milton for svaret.


So how would you translate "Who is the evil one?"


"Hvem er den onde?"


In this case, "Hvem er den onde?" would be "Who is the evil one?" It is not plural, but the plural is wanted here. So, it is "Hvem er de onde?"


In the discussion sentence yes, but I was specifically replying to the question "So how would you translate 'Who is the evil one?'". See above.


Oh, it makes sense. When I saw the question mark and the quotation marks... Sorry!


The ducks, obviously!

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