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How do you use 'te', 'tú' and 'ti' correctly?

I THINK 'te' is used in direct object pronoun situations and 'ti' is used when you say a person/object belongs to them. And tú, well, I pretty much know.

September 5, 2013



Te can be an indirect object pronoun or a direct object pronoun in Spanish. As an indirect pronoun te means "to you" "for you" Example Te di el regalo ayer. I gave the gift to you yesterday. As a direct object pronoun Te takes the place of the direct object. I know you. Te Conozco. Ti is used after a preposition A ti, de ti, para ti. Tengo mucho amor para ti. I have a lot of love for you. Tu is a possessive adjective. Tu perro ladra demasiado. Your dog barks too much.

I found it in this website: ww.spanishdict.com/answers/221232/spanish-confusion-2-te-ti-tu-le-and-se


i was in that site before and i didn't understand very good, you helped me, Diukna

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