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  5. "An bhfaca tú tógáil?"

"An bhfaca tógáil?"

Translation:Did you see construction?

April 1, 2015



Have you seen building/construction (going on, for example)?


why not "did you see building" I agree with CatMcCat. Oh wise minds think alike and xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx.


Like, did you see construction activity taking place (as in on a building site)?


Just the noun construction. Doesn't have to be the activity (in fact, my dialect of English would call general work sites 'construction')


I'm not sure about others, but I would more likely say, "Did you see any construction?" rather than just "construction." It sounds awkward to me without anything in front of it. Is that just dialectical differences? (I'm Canadian, southern Ontario, FWIW.)


https://www.focloir.ie/en/dictionary/ei/Construction :
noun, act of building: tógáil ...

Construction of the bridge has started: Tá tús curtha le tógáil an droichid
The plant is under construction: Tá an mhonarcha á tógáil
Road construction: Tógáil bóithre
High mortgage rates put a dampener on housing construction: Chuir rátaí arda morgáiste srian le tógáil tithe

... but, to say: "Construction was the driver of the economy", it offers: "An tógáil a bhí taobh thiar de dhul chun cinn na heacnamaíochta".

"building", as a noun for the construction process, could be tógáil, foirgníocht, or obair thógála.


I agree. I would naturally translate that as 'Did you see building (going on)?'


I have just answered with Did you see the construction, and it said that it was wrong?


There is no definite article ("the") in An bhfaca tú tógáil? - it's just "construction" , not "the construction".

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