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"I have a feeling that you are like me."

Translation:Jag har en känsla av att du är som jag.

April 1, 2015



Is the "av" absolutely necessary here?


Yes, this expression is almost always used with the preposition av.


Tacktack! :)


No reason, really - just prepositions being the way they are.


Why not "att du är som mig"?


I wonder this too, I'm native swedish and I feel 'mig' sounds more natural


It may be because the implied meaning is that "you are like (I am)." There are English equivalents where common usage -- using an objective form -- is actually grammatically incorrect.


This is because when 2 objects are compared, both are treated as the subjects of the sentence, ie, nominative. the grammatically correct english sentence should be, "you are like I". other similar examples are 'I am like he/she', 'you are better than I' and 'I am as good as he'. they all sound weird, but are nevertheless correct grammatically, and still said that way in languages like german and swedish. but it might change in the future (just like in english), no doubt as seen in the comment below, as English has a huge influence on modern swedish.


Why doesn't "Ni" worked here, please?


ni is accepted, actually.


När jag läste det här tänkte jag bara på Musik Non Stop av Kent. XD ♪ Och du är som jag när du danser, har aldrig träffat nån som du... ♫

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