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"Bu otelden bir oda ayırtabiliriz."

Translation:We can reserve a room at this hotel.

April 1, 2015



Why is -den not -de used here? I would have assumed that "at this hotel" called for the locative.


That is also possible.

The idea is the hotel "gives" us a room, in the end. So we take it "from" it. But locative is also possible.


What is the verb here?


The predicate is 'ayırtabiliriz'. The masdar form of the verb is 'ayırtmak'.


Why is 'From this hotel we can book a room' incorrect?


In English this word-order results in an ambiguous meaning. "From this hotel" would suggest that we are already in the hotel, and are booking a room somewhere else. The phrase is often used: E.g. "From this hotel, you can reach the station easily." Even with different word-order, "from" does not sound very natural to me (native English speaker), but it is at least less ambiguous.


In addition to what Eva242549 said, as a native English speaker, I can't recall a time that I've ever heard someone say they were booking or reserving a room from a hotel instead of at the hotel.


I would agree that "We can reserve (or book) a room from this hotel" is a valid answer. Perhaps the term "book" was rejected?

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