"Ingen förstod något."

Translation:Nobody understood anything.

April 1, 2015

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The TTS sounds like it's saying förstog.


My Swedish friends tell me that this IS pronounced 'Förstog', for some reason.


That is indeed the case. The pronunciation has changed but spelling is usually more conservative than speech.


Interesting. Thank you both.


I put, " Ingen förstog något", because that was what I heard. Duolingo marked it as correct. So, is "förstog" acceptable in writing, but "förstod" is preferred in writing? Also, which is preferred when speaking?


No, förstog is not acceptable in writing - it's just wrong. It's overwhelmingly more common in speaking, though.

Unfortunately, the typo system currently doesn't work for "type what you hear" exercises. This is very detrimental to the learning process. :(


The same word means "something" or "anything. " Hm...


Wait until you see how much they use the word "jobbig/jobbigt..." - Basically anything that is not great through to pretty horrible can be described as "jobbigt".


And this is still tripping me up! Making slow progress......


Could "någoting" also have been used? but less common...


någonting, sure. That's just as fine.


In the Verbs Part1, in the explanation its appears that All -ar verbs were Regular, but in this class i already saw two that not :/


No - "ar" verbs ARE regular (I don't actually know, but if that's what the class said then I would think that that's what it would be... and I can't think of any which are not). Att förstå (to understand) is not "ar", it is "år" (jag förstår...). Swedes think of "å / ä / a" as different letters, not as the same letter with different accents. Alphabetically "ö" is the last letter, with those 3 "å / ä / ö" coming AFTER Z. So if someone's last name is Åkesson, they come after someone with the last name Zemerlowe. So that's where the mix up is occurring... But if I were you, I wouldn't worry about verb forms and declensions and garbage like that... I very very very rarely misspell something in Swedish and I have never had any lessons on regular vs irregular.


Thank you! Very helpul answer :)

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