"It is my property."

Translation:Det är min egendom.

April 1, 2015

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How to remember this word: Egen = own dom = suffix like the English word kingdom, so own+property egen+dom. Maybe it's not the correct morphology but it helped me remember the word.


It's indeed the correct morphology. Has cognates in multiple Germanic languages, makes me wonder whether English used to have one too.


Eigentum being the German one, which sounds very close to the Swedish one.


Why is DEN incorrect in this sentence if egendom is an en word?


is Det är mitt egendom correct ? also, Den är min egendom


Is this supposed to be something like "ownership"?


No, that's "ägandeskap" I think. Property/egendom is what you own.


Yes, but it has the word "own" in the beginning and a suffix. So it's almost like that? Like, it's "the thing over which you have ownership".


I think you're confusing the verb "to own" and the adjective "own" which are obviously written and pronounced the same way in modern English, but slightly different words etymologically. In Swedish, they're not the same though: egen = one's own. äga = to own.

Egendom = Egen + dom = own (adj.) + dom (-hood, -ledge, -ness)


Vad är skillnaden på "egendom" och "egenskap"? En annan fråga... Varför är det fel om man säger "Det här är min egendom"?


egendom is a property as in something you own.
egenskap is a property as in 'a quality', 'a trait' etc.
So a house can be your egendom, but not your egenskap.
det här means this, so it wouldn't be wrong to say that, but it wouldn't translate this sentence.


What is the difference between "Egendom" and "Ägodel" ?

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