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Are there any good websites to practice Swedish?

I love the Swedish course! All the contributors and moderators have done a great job with simplifying the course and making it easier for the common English speaker.

However, I am not so sure what good online sources are available to English speakers. I am more talking about websites where someone can speak face to face (like Gospeaky), to a Swedish person.

I tried a few websites, and I am having no luck. Either all the Swedish people have disappeared from the website, or there are no available speakers.

Can someone maybe name a website or a place where Swedish speakers lurk and are available? Thanks, and I appreciate everyone who takes there time to learn Swedish like myself. :)

April 1, 2015



Interpals. There's always between 5,000 and 15,000 people online at any time, and you can search through to find people of your age who speak the languages you want to learn. You can read their profiles / send them messages and if you guys decide to be friends just exchange facebooks / whatsapp / kik / whatever.

It is a bit sketchy and some crazy people use it as a dating site, but it's a really useful site for making friends!


Hey, I just checked it out. You're indeed right. I'm giving you five lingots for the wonderful advice.


I actually met my boyfriend on interpals and now I moved abroad to live with him ;) But that was not my intention so I hope I don't qualify as one of the 'crazy people' ;) But if you ignore all the pick up messages and focus on conversations with people who actually want to share their knowledge it is, in fact, a great website to expand your conversational skills.


That's awesome :O

Did you talk in English or another language? And did you guys just start off as friends and get really close, or were you guys intentionally looking for a relationship?


I really wanted to learn some Swedish but didn't know about duolingo and my efforts to do this on my own were pretty hopeless. A lot of people told me that I should just talk to people in Swedish and I'll somehow just magically learn the language ;) So I learned some phrases and went on interpals. But when we started talking it turned out that the phrases that I've learned are old fashioned and no one really uses them anymore and since the conversation was going well we just switched to english. I definitely wasn't looking for a relationship and didn't really believe you can meet someone from another country on the internet and then make it work. But at that point we've been talking for a few hours a day and I was going on a trip to Sweden anyway so we met and then decided for me to stay :)

I strongly disagree with people who claim that moving abroad will eventually make you speak the language. Of course, being exposed to the language on daily basis is a huge help but you have to know the basics first. When I got here I was overwhelmed and terrified because I couldn't understand a word in Swedish and it's not like people had time to give me basic Swedish lessons during each conversation. That's why I'm really grateful for finding duolingo. I have just started but I already feel more confident when I can understand a word or two from what used to sound like gibberish.

Sorry for the long reply ;)


That's awesome! :D

I feel like after you finish a Duolingo tree, you should be able to become fluent by living in the country for a few years. I gotta go to Germany & the Netherlands. :P


I cannot wait for the moment when I'll know the basics and will by able to study by talking to people/watching movies and reading books in Swedish ;) Well and you don't have to go there, but if you do it's gonna be an awesome experience :)


I have had limited success with Omegle, but the one person who did talk to me, I had a very productive conversation with that person.

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