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"Dine læber er blå, fryser du?"

Translation:Your lips are blue, are you cold?

April 2, 2015



Is this a reference to something? Like a film or something? Because there’s an Icelandic cult film named Sódóma Reykjavík with the memetic line, ‘Unnur... afhverju ertu svona blá? Ertu að kafna?’ (‘Unnur... why are you so blue? Are you choking?’)


Fryser would imply that you're freezing, rather than just cold


Not really. At fryse covers a wider range of being cold than 'to freeze'. 'Freezing' sounds like it's seriously threatening the health, but fryse mostly states that you're starting to get uncomfortable.


Thanks for your explanation I was actually wondering what the correct translation for "I'm freezing" would be. Now I know: "Jeg fryser."


In English, we would require a period, and not just a comma. I'm not at all clear on how to use punctuation in Danish.


Normally there'd be a period there in Danish too. Artistic liberty? Nobody knows how to use punctuation in Danish. The rules for commas, especially, have changed multiple times within a short period, and as a result, everyone uses his own blend of the various sets of rules.


If your lips are blue then you're probably not doing too hot, that's for sure!

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