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"Bu deniz mi yoksa okyanus mu?"

Translation:Is this the sea or is this the ocean?

April 2, 2015



Does Turkish have a rigid difference between deniz and okyanus? In English, they are often used interchangeably, except for places (like the Black Sea) which have very well established place names. If it does, is the difference akin to the more proper use of sea and ocean in English?


My Turkish wife and I argue about this all the time. Every time I say ocean (in English), she says "that isn't an ocean, that is the sea". So, short answer, yes, there is a distinct difference in Turkish (or maybe more accurately, Turkey)


we do have a very clear distinction as BobRadu said


What is the distinction though? To me, every body of salt water is either an inland sea (e.g. The Black Sea), a sea that is a part of an ocean (e.g. The North Sea is part of the Atlantic Ocean), or a part of an ocean that has no more specific name.


In French, when the water is surrounded by lands, it's called sea. The water is salty and there's almost no waves. On the contrary, the oceans are open (like in between continents) and there are big waves to surf on. Hope that helps ;)


why is: is this a sea or is this an ocean .wrong?


I think it is correct.

But better would be: Is this a sea or an ocean?


it says its incorrect

''But better would be: Is this a sea or an ocean?''

Isn't that kinda the same as: is this a sea or is this an ocean?


Yes, it's nearly the same, but it sounds better to me because the words are not repeated.


I guess you're right then.


But 'mi' and 'mu' are repeated in the sentence so to help me understand this Turkish sentence structure correctly it is better for me to repeat the words in the English sentence.


Why don't I see the particle for 'the'?

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