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If one peeks AFTER submitting a correct answer - any repercussions?

It has been established that peeking at a word would tell Duolingo that you weren't familiar with it.

However, if you get the answer correct without peeking, then click on a word to reveal its meaning and then carry on to the next question, would it still affect the decay rate for that word?

This is an unanswered question which was first raised here: www.duolingo.com/comment/612986

April 2, 2015


[deactivated user]

    It does increase the decay rate. Still, when I first do the tree, I do not care. I just peek over and over again. I just want to get comfortable with the translations and enjoy the process. After a while, I do not care about peeking because I remember all the various translation options for the words and sentences. We each have our own way of learning. I love performing but once I have learnt. I joined Duolingo 80 days ago and I am progressing at a great rate (even in the translation tiers). So, unless decay really preoccupies you, I would just focus on learning. Alternate between new lessons and reviewing the previous ones. Later on, you can focus on making your tree golden. Enjoy!


    Indeed, you really are progressing at a great rate, Carole! Glad to see I'm not the only one whose streak correlates with their join date. Keep up the great work!


    You're definitely not the only one! I've somehow managed to make some progress everyday since the very first day on Duolingo :)


    I see. I agree that peeking as much as necessary during initial exposure, as you said, is a great strategy for getting comfortable with learning!

    Slight pity though that one would be seen by Duolingo as being unfamiliar with a word, even though one knows the word, has gotten it correct, and is simply trying to check and learn if there are other meanings (and stuff like that, which would only be revealed through peeking and not presented by Duolingo as an alternative answer).



    I agree when Carole_Nadeau says the focus should be on learning. I wouldn't think twice about checking out a hint if there's any doubt or I want to check out the conjugation again or probably check some alternate meaning. Also, I often use the hover to repeat the word to practice the correct pronunciation as well. I haven't faced any issues in keeping the tree golden either. But, I do spend a good amount of time in revisions. Probably, one of the reasons why my tree is still incomplete :)


    Apparently peeking at any time increases the decay rate for that word.


    Interesting, Duolingo probably assumes that one simply guessed correctly.


    And sometimes they do. ;)


    Thanks for the heads-up!

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