"Kedi mutfaktan geliyor."

Translation:The cat is coming from the kitchen.

April 2, 2015

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Excuse me,my langue is not English,why from school,from hospital and from THE kitchen?Thanks...


Because English is full of weird, seemingly nonsensical rules, including which nouns require a preceding article and which do not. I'm sorry. I know it's frustrating.


German is hard to learn. BUT English is even harder than German to me.


Specific buildings like home, school, hospital, town hall don't require definite articles. It's implied that they are the only one in town. Locations that are non specific or are frequent locally like the house, the convenience store, the park, the train station, are given a definite article.


Very nice question..


Yes, American-English owes many apologies for our (over-)use of articles! ;) It is arbitrary in a way that I cannot justify.

To clarify/correct some of the examples given:

  • From [the] school -> can be with or without the article, depending on context
  • From the hospital -> will always have the article (in American English, which is what is used on Duolingo)
  • From the kitchen -> will (almost) always have the article


I tried "the cat is coming out of the kitchen", and it was marked as wrong. Would you use a different word for that in Turkish? (like "emerge" instead of "come"?)


yes , in turkish it would be ;

kedi mutfaktan dışarı çıkıyor.


Does this work with the simple present?


Good question. Like "Cats (generally) come from the kitchen." "Tigers come from India."?


Could you say Mutfaktan kedi geliyor, with the same meaning? I read word order and putting the noun closest to the verb at the end puts more stress on it, but as a general statement which word order should be used?


You could for stress. Turkish is a Subject-Object-Verb language for normal word order though.


Is this how we always call the kitchen ? Mutfak ?


What did you do to the cat Duo!?


What is the difference, in turkish, between the cat comes from the kitchen and the cat is coming from the kitchen

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