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Immersion for Swedish?

I am wondering if we will be able to upload and translate texts in the Swedish course, too? Are there any plans to create this feature? Would be SO great!

April 2, 2015



Here's what one of the Duo staff members posted about this in an older discussion:

Edit: oops the photo doesn't show up.....trying to fix it....

Edit 2: Yay, it works.:D


While you're trying to get it fixed, here's a link to the image: http://imgur.com/nBNotqe

That should work...


The "Words" section is missing too..


Sadly, there doesn't seem to be.
I answered a similar post more thoroughly yesterday.


I wish a mod/course contributor would come out and answer this question directly as far as offering immersion/any issues involved in offering immersion for these courses (if they haven't already). Seriously, we need an FAQ page for these reasons...Duo, kom igen!


There have been rumours that DL is moving away from Immersion. I hope this is not true, since- like you - I would be eager to try Immersion in Swedish.


Yes, I have heard that. Also, I have heard that one of the reasons why is that DL is having a hard time with the EU copyright issues that Immersion entails. This is the reason why Swedish, Irish, Dutch(?), etc don't have Immersion...Nor will they get it anytime soon, or so I have heard. Some mod or someone once said that, but I'm not sure where...Disappointing, I know. :_(


I've heard that too. But Italian has immersion, so it can't be entirely a matter of EU issues. (Though I think I've seen people resident in the EU say that they can't do immersion.) Maybe the copyright issues didn't come to the fore until after the Italian (and other early courses) were already up and running?


I think you are right about the timing. I used to have access to Immersion, and then one day -- poof --it was gone.


I have heard the rumors, as well, but have yet to find any official declaration to that effect.

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