"The boy"

Translation:Le garçon

December 18, 2012

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If a man is l'homme, l' would be a contraction of le. Why doesn't l'garcon work?


because the l apostrophe is only used with vowels and the letter h


And it is used with letter h because in French, the h is always silent.


Not always. There are 2 that I know of: Hall and Hockey. Hall would be Le hall Hockey would be Le hockey And inevitably there will be more


I've only just begun studying French (for the first time ever) and from what little I have read, the "h" is silent in French words, but in words of foreign origin, it is not. In fact, I recently read about it in the "Tips and notes" section for this lesson! Here's an excerpt from it that applies to this discussion:

Words Beginning with H
The letter H is always mute (silent) in French, but when H starts a word, it can act as a consonant (aspirate)* or vowel (non-aspirate). For example, the H in homme acts as a vowel. This means that "the man" must be written as l'homme.
Conversely, an aspirate H doesn't participate in elisions or liaisons. It's usually found at the beginning of loanwords from German or other languages. For instance, "the hero" isle héros. Pay attention to this when learning new vocabulary.

From Basics 1 for French

*Aspirate means pronounce a sound with an exhalation of breath. To get a better understanding of this letter and how it is pronounced in French (with aspiration or without), I recommend viewing any number of videos you can find online for it. A search such as this:

The French "h"

might be very beneficial for you and others who also have questions about how to pronounce the French letter "h." If you view any that are particularly good, s'il vous plaît, let us know.


Great! Thank you


Because contraction of le only works with vowels(a, e, i, o, u, silent h)


wow this is fun :I(


I agree! I am actually learning French! I have always wanted to! But the new letters and typing is going to be tough. like the "c" with a "~" underneath.


I cannot type garcon with the' under c


People. That is not a tilde, nor is it an apostrophe/comma. It is a cedilla. How to type it:

• Phone: hold c • Computer: 2 ways. 1: press ' , then c; 2: altGr + ,


Hold c and you get ç.


l´homme, la femme, le garcon, la fille


For all those who don't understand: - LE is for masculine - LA is for feminine - L' is used for a noun starting with a vowel i.e. a, e, i, o, u


Hi, I am new to this site and I was wondering what is the best place to find how to learn the pronunciation of the french alphabet?


=) i like this game

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