"Det är inte så viktigt att alltid vinna."

Translation:It is not so important to always win.

April 2, 2015

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i think another correct solution is : "it is not so important to win all the time" what do you think?


That one has a perfect counterpart in Det är inte så viktigt att vinna hela tiden, so that's why it isn't accepted.


It’s hard to find a placement of always in this sentence that sounds natural in English, though — …to always win is probably the best, but it still feels rather awkward — so it would maybe be nice to be more generous than usual in accepting slight re-wordings?


Is there any different nuance in meaning between "att vinna hela tiden" and "att alltid vinna"? I can't detect any difference between "to always win" and "to win all the time". Except that technically, "to always win" is the dreaded split infinitive, so grammar police would correct it to "always to win" or "to win always", which both feel awkward.


I just tried that and it's not accepted :(


I don't understand why it is "att alltid vinna" and not "att vinna alltid". Can someone please explain why?


Could one write "att vinna alltid" as well? or must "alltid" come before "vinna"?


"Always winning is not so important" may offer a better translation, not least because it avoids a split infinitive, even though the latter is very common in everyday English conversation.


It is not so important to win all the time was rejected but that is what an English speaker would say


Also, the word order given in this sentence is not English. One would say ‘It’s not so important to win always.’ OR ‘It’s not always so important to win.’ I’m an ex-English-language teacher with over 30 years of language-editing, 20 of those spent working on texts in English produced by Swedish nationals. There are a number of Swenglish sentences, but this one, when I was marked wrong, was the one that really got me to the point of complaint!


"to always win" does violate the rule against split infinitives, but it's the most natural way to say it. "to win always" sounds awkward to me.

I avoid using split infinitives in formal writing, but not in speech or informal writing.


I can't hear any g in 'viktigt.' Is that a fault of the TTS, or is it typical?


Most often, you'll find it silent in adjectives ending on -ig.


Thanks you guys. That's a helpful tip, Zmrzlina.


The pronunciation here is correct.


Is it "viktigt" because it is "det"?


It is not important to win always always ought to be accepted.


Varför ställer "alltid" innan verbet? Är"att alltid vinna" bisats och tiden kommer först?


So Swedes don't mind split infinitives?


why can't we write "..alltid att vinna"? what is this rule? thanks for the answer

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