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  5. "Tu bois de l'eau."

"Tu bois de l'eau."

Translation:You drink water.

December 18, 2012



No, it is not, because "de l'eau" is about "some water" and "l'eau" is about "the water".


Hello sitesurf. Please would you enlarge on this for us. I know that "De La, Du and De L' in English usage is "Of the" or "Some" and not "The". Maybe you'd kindly give us the sentence "You Drink The Water" for comparison to "You Drink Some Water" and explain how it all works in common usage in French. Or give a link if it is just too involved for this thread here. Thanks.


This is some not the. For mascuine nouns "du" is used for some, for example,. "Tu bois du vin". For feminine nouns "de la"is used for some, for example, "Tu bois de la bière". Of course if the noun starts with a vowel then the "l" in "la" becomes hyphonated into "de l'" as in the sentence above "Tu bois de 'leau". This page also has an explanation: http://www.french-linguistics.co.uk/grammar/dudelades.shtml

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