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"Det är i alla fall ingen spindel."

Translation:In any case, it is not a spider.

April 2, 2015



Can you topicalize "i alla fall"? E.g "I alla fall är det ingen spindel"


Arguably, but that sounds very colloquial and I would honestly recommend against it.


Knowing when duolingo wants "that" or "it" for "det" is really frustrating


Both should be accepted here; they weren't before but I've added that now. The general idea is that det is often it but can also be that (in most cases, both should be accepted answers in English).
that can be det or det där (depending on the Swedish sentence: in many cases only one of them works in Swedish)
det där is always that
this is det här or detta and vice versa.


And why not "this is..."?


"this" is den/det/de här or denna/detta/dessa, but never just det.


They are usually interchangeable so generally just pick the most idiomatic English phrase.


Can you say "det är ingen en spindel i all fall" ??


No, that reads like "It's no a spider in any case", plus it's alla.


I suggest you guys to get completely rid of this sentence cos it is not only useless but it sounds stupid too.


I disagree. Considering that "In any case" might be a useful, I'd rather keep it. Indeed, the sentence itself is stupid, but in my opinion duolingo is not for learning useful sentences. It teaches useful language concepts, what you can expand further. You might learn a bunch of useful sentences, but without stupid useless phrases it is hard to facilitate understanding the language rather than learning the "dictionary of duolingo example cases"


I like the stupid Duolingo sentences. They challenge me to learn, and they're often entertaining. More, please!

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