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New Course I Made On Memrise - Wondering If You Guys Would Be Interested In Trying It!

Hey Duolingo!

I attempted to make a new course (called Reading Spanish Articles I) on memrise that takes vocabulary from four Spanish articles I read, and helps you to memorize them. After you finish the course, if you look in the description of the course, there are the four titles of the articles I took the vocabulary from. You should now be able to understand the articles to a greater degree (copy and paste the titles into the search bar and it will find you the articles)! I am working through the course myself and think this might be a good way of studying since it lets you see how the vocabulary is actually used! Let me know what you think here or on the Memrise forum of my course!

Here is the link: http://www.memrise.com/course/594523/reading-spanish-articles-i/

~ Cedar

P.S. If anyone is interested in collaborating with me to make new courses like this, let me know on my activity feed!

P.P.S. I just remembered to mention that not all of the articles are appropriate for children (not that they inappropriate, but that they deal with real world problems from ISIS to politics and so on). I just wanted to give you a disclaimer so you can expect what kind of vocabulary is in the course.

3 years ago