"Ils mangent du pain."

Translation:They are eating bread.

December 18, 2012

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How can you tell from the sound whether it is 'he' or 'they' ?


Il with s on end is they


Pomme and Pain sound EXACTLY THE SAME I can never get it!!!


No they don't. To better hear the difference, go to Google/Translation, pick French-English, type "pain, pomme" on the French side and click on the small loudspeaker.


Of course Google's speech-bot is much easier to understand though. To me anyway.


What is the difference between des and du?


I think des is for a plural item while de is for a singular one


"des" is either the plural of "un/une" or the contraction of "de-les"


Interesting I answered with He is eating bread. Yet ans shows it as They eat /yet it was marked correct! As others have stated. Very difficult to assertain as to if it is saying he or they Il or Ils!!!


When not on its own, this sentence would have some context, you would know who is being talked about and whether it was one person or several. But on its own you can't tell just by listening, so duolingo accepts both answers as right for when you are listening to it.


i am mad i had a typo in my answer and it said i was wrong!=(


I just can tell which is ill and which is ils!


"ill" does not exist in French, singular of "ils" is "il".

they are pronounced the same, as well as verb "mangent" and "mange", respectively.

but Duo accepts both translations for that reason.


thanks! I made a mistake. when I said ill I meant il... Ok. This makes more sense to me now!


How can I know that is ils and not il someone explain that please?


From listening? You can't. They sound the same. Perhaps if you had read some of the other comments first you would not be so confused. Usually there is some context around the sentence in actual speech that would tell you whether it was one person or several. Which is why this particular sentence if you are listening to it accepts both Ils mangent and Il mange as correct. It wouldn't accept Il mangent or Ils mange however as those are grammatically incorrect.


Ariaflame: I just repeated this lesson to try and improve and once again it insists on the plural translation for "Ils mangent du pain." A lot of the confusion and frustration for students could be avoided if the printed question included a simple (s) for singular and (p) for plural.


But it doesn't need to. ils mangent is clearly plural and il mange clearly singular. I'm not sure what you mean.


Sorry, I should have made that clear. I meant that "Ils mangent du pain." was the spoken French one had to translate, naturally it could not be distinguished from "il mange du pain". It would not accept the answer as singular.
My suggestion is that the question "Translate this text should include a (s) or a (p) to indicate what is required. ie: Translate this text (p)


Correction - my suggestion is for the audio translation therefore "Type what you hear (s)" or Type what you hear (p)


Or it could do what it does in other situations and accept both for the audible. If it is NOT doing this for this one then report the problem.


When the speaker says "du pain" it sounds like they are saying "du pomme."


I typed Il mange du pain - the singular which was wrong but I was marked correct.


Mais comment peut on savoir si c'est singulier ou pluriel??


Vous ne pouvez pas. However, when you get the dictation exercise, the system is supposed to accept the singular version.


What's the difference between de and du?

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