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"This postcard needs another stamp."

Terjemahan:Kartu pos ini memerlukan perangko lain.

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Menurutku terjemahanny sudah benar. Another doesnt always have the same meaning like different. Different is berbeda, another is lainnya. Jika memang maksud terjemahannya adalah butuh perangko lagi, then it should be "This postcard need more stamps". Need bukan needs dan stamps bukan stamp.

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Another di sini saya rasa punya makna "satu lagi". So it's already correct and fine.

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Kenapa needs salah? Kan the postcard itu tunggal

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i think the translation is wrong.

The meaning of the sentence is very clearly that the postcard does not have enough stamps. Example: the postage costs $3, and there are already two $1 stamps on it.

So it should be 'perangko lagi'.Because 'lain' is 'different', it doesn't need a different stamp, it needs MORE stamps.

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